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I live in the Land of Oblivion, born and reborn, again and again;
Earthly, but not at all; Otherworldly, still familiar;
Somehow both; Somehow neither;

I come from the Land of the Mod; The body mod, a mod language–
A hard or soft mod, a proxy mod, perhaps?
(better yet,) The Automod;

The Avatar acts as a seam of the mod body and soul;
Tethered together at the precipice of the surreal;
Fleeting, floating through Cyberspace, in search of a plastic heart;
Feet dragging on concrete, step after step;
Emerging all at once, into the waning world;

Here, I find comfort;
I have come here to nourish my soul, my mind, my body;
From my toes to my tongue; My plastic heart runneth over;

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