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Michelle Silva Artwork artist art
Michelle Silva Artwork artist art
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Collages made with archival photography of the Horn & Hardart Automat, cutouts from Interior Design Magazine, and VRoidStudio sim editor.

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The Automod is a net-based collection of images, videos, websites, and internet artifacts related to the rapid growth of consumerism since the industrial revolution. The work focuses on the conflation of the ‘American Dream’ and posthumanism as a foundational principle in modern life. 


The Automod is a web interface I designed and built from scratch, inspired by the early to mid century restaurant chain Horn and Hardart’s The Automat. The Automat was a modern mechanism for automated consumption (later to be replaced by fast food conglomerates such as McDonald’s), originating in Europe and later brought to Philadelphia and New York by business partners Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart.

Automod interactive coming soon...
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